Hockey Quotes – Vol. I

Here are some memorable hockey quotes from former NHL players, coaches and general managers, where these brave men went down in hockey history for not pulling the “one game at a time” or “whatever is best for the organization” lines.


One road trip we were stuck on the runway for seven hours. The plane kept driving and driving until we arrived at the rink and I realized we were on a bus.
Glenn Healy, on his time in the IHL

Last season we couldn’t win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure was that I couldn’t think of any place else to play.
Harry Neale

We’re looking forward to building the type of team the Rangers are able to buy.
Phoenix GM Bobby Smith

This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s lead singer, admiring the Stanley Cup

Some guys play hockey. Gretzky plays 40mph chess.
Lowell Cohn

I don’t like hockey. I’m just good at it.
Brett Hull

When I look at the net I don’t see a goalie.
Pavel Bure

When I look at the net I see 2 or 3 goalies.
Radek Dvorak

Trade Steve Yzerman? That’s like asking me if I want to trade my son Jason for the kid next door.
Jacques Demers

I want to nail it in the butt because we’ve got 10 games left and every game is such a huge game for us.
Flames coach Brent Sutter, misquoting “nip it in the bud” 

Yeah, we play hard third period, puck control and shoot more, shoot everybody, everybody play hard, it’s good game.
Evgeni Malkin 

It’s like when your wife is chasing you every day, everywhere you go and you want to have freedom.
Jaromir Jagr